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Purcell-Cutts House
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 Nuts & Bolts
 Purcell's Own House Notes
Nuts & Bolts
previous page Purcell and Elmslie took every opportunity to innovate with Purcell's house on Lake Place--a showcase of the latest in architectural form and function. From the clever creation of storage space to state-of-the-art appliances, the house is a prime and thorough example of modern design for 1913.

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Nuts & Bolts: light standards Nuts & Bolts: door button Nuts & Bolts: electric call system Nuts & Bolts: maid call button and master switch
Nuts & Bolts: linen closet Nuts & Bolts: magnesite flooring Nuts & Bolts: storage bins Nuts & Bolts: walk-in closet
Nuts & Bolts: wall safe Nuts & Bolts: light fixture Nuts & Bolts: pullman-style bed Nuts & Bolts: folding desk and bookcase
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