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1st Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan Kitchen Dining Room Porch Entryway (Interior) Writing Nook Living Room Hearth Window Seat
Purcell-Cutts House
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1st Floor Plan
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 Nuts & Bolts
 Purcell's Own House Notes
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Bells and Whistles
The Purcells had the latest in appliances, including a gas stove and a tin-lined icebox, which a deliveryman filled by opening a panel near the side entry and depositing the ice directly into the back of the box. The electric call system, or annunciator, rang in the kitchen, letting the maid know where in the house her services were needed. The period stove and icebox, along with the entirely original kitchen, provide a rare look at state-of-the-art service areas from upper-middle-class American homes of the early twentieth century. next stop >

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