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Art, Food, and Friends: Ofrendas Exhibition Reception Photos

The MIA’s Visual Resources department documented the November 6th Young People’s Ofrendas exhibition reception, held on Wednesday, November 6th. View and share photos from the online album here: 

Ofrendas Around Town

In addition to the ofrendas by El Colegio students on display at the MIA through November 24, art teacher Estela Lerma arranged to exhibit a selection of her students’ ofrendas at Lake Plaza (417 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis), home to many immigrant owned shops and restaurants. The El Colegio ofrenda display at Lake Plaza is in…

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Well Received

Gallery 110 smelled of delicious tamales, guacamole and Day Of The Dead sweet bread from Marissa’s Bakery as students and staff from Austin High School, El Colegio High School and Humboldt Secondary School filed into the MIA. The primary reason for their visit was the Young People’s Ofrendas exhibit reception, during which museum staff and…

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Young People’s Ofrendas at Washburn High School

It all began when Cristina Benz, art teacher at Washburn High School in Minneapolis, attended the Young People’s Ofrendas teacher workshop held at the museum in August. She took the Teacher’s Guide and ran with it in her classroom.Cristina describes how the project unfolded at Washburn: I did use the teacher’s guide to help teach…

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Installation Complete

All 45 ofrendas have found homes on the walls of Gallery 110 in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and we are thrilled to say that the show is open! With so many different colors, styles and interpretations of the project, the staff had to work hard to create a visual balance between traditional, non-traditional, jam-packed,…

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New Arrivals

The ofrendas from Austin, Humboldt and El Colegio have arrived at the MIA, and we couldn’t be more excited! After checking in the beautifully transformed crates we sent them off with our Visual Resources team. They are being photographed right now. The Art Crew will begin installing these beautiful works of art shortly in Gallery…

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A Colorful Preview

Here’s a preview of a colorful creation, getting its final touches for the exhibit. Students in Estela Lerma’s art class at El Colegio have made artistic and heartfelt ofrendas to honor their dead.

This week at El Colegio

The Nayarit House Group in the MIA collection illustrates ancient Mexican beliefs about life and death. It’s believed that the upper level of the ceramic house model is the realm of the living and the lower level that of the dead. The barrier between the two levels is very narrow, providing the living and the…

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Serious Fun

Yesterday, on my visit to Ms. Milazzo’s sculpture class at Humboldt Secondary School, I was excited to see the progress students were making as they near the end of the project. Many had shifted gears from creating their ofrendas to writing and recording their artist statements to be included in the museum exhibition.  While the…

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Making Personal Ofrendas

Student artists in Mr. Elizondo and Ms. Milazzo’s classes at Humboldt Secondary School have made significant progress on their ofrendas since our last visit. Students have moved over the past month from an initial idea about who to honor, to research, notes, and sketches that helped shape how to honor that person. You can hear directly from students about…

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