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The Artist Panel
MAEP panelists have a very important position in the Minnesota arts community by playing a direct role in the selection of MAEP exhibitions at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Composed of seven members elected to two-year terms, the panel is entrusted with the responsibility of surveying the creative diversity of Minnesota artists and selecting those whose work shows exceptional promise and quality.

During the annual MAEP meeting, either three or four new panelists are elected to ensure there is a continuity of leadership, to allow room for a diversity of critical voices, and to represent a variety of professional expertise. All artists who live and work in Minnesota are invited to attend this meeting and participate in the nomination and election of panel members.

The artist panel represents Minnesota’s artist community. Approximately 70 percent of the artist population reside in the seven-county Twin Cities metro area and are represented by five artists from the metro area. The remaining 30 percent live outside the Twin Cities and are represented by two artists who live in greater Minnesota.

Over the course of their two-year term, panelists will select exhibitions from proposals that are submitted for consideration on a rolling basis. During scheduled meetings, panelists will make decisions on these proposals following the MAEP evaluation criteria. It is essential for panelists to constructively discuss, debate, and evaluate with fellow panelists, without bias, the merits of each proposal.

Duties of an MAEP Panelist
  • Review, discuss, and judge artists’ proposals at quarterly meetings.
  • Attend MAEP exhibition events including openings, artist lectures, and gallery talks.
  • Work with MAEP staff to promote exhibitions, initiate community outreach, and advocate for the program.
  • Perform other panelist duties as required or requested.