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Family Day
Sights and Sounds of China

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Sunday, January 14, 2007
11 A.M.-5 P.M.
All activities are FREE

Sacred Sounds: The Bells of Ancient China
11 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Cargill Gallery, first floor

Explore the technical, artistic, and musical beauty of ancient Chinese bells, used during ceremonies and elaborate rituals of the day. And see a set of twenty graduated bells—the largest group in a Western museum—from the late Bronze Age.

11 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Classrooms 111-113, first floor

Grind ink, load a brush, and paint. Try your hand with the same materials the Chinese have used for centuries. Create designs like those on the Chinese bells in the Cargill Gallery, and make a painting for the Year of the Pig. Instruction by Bob Schmitt of Laughing Waters Studio in Minneapolis. All ages welcome.

11 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Wells Fargo Community Room, first floor

Create your own paper bell modeled after the ancient bronze Chinese bells in the Cargill Gallery. Top off your bell with twisting snakes or dragons, just like in the Bronze Age. Discover the hidden animals and fascinating meanings of these ancient musical beauties. Some cutting required; appropriate for all ages.
Asian Brush Painting Studio
Gao Hong Pipa MUSIC
Gao Hong on the Chinese Pipa
12-4 P.M.
ArtsBreak Cafe, first floor

Enjoy the harmonious sounds of the Chinese pipa, performed by renowned musician Gao Hong. The pipa is a four-stringed, pear-shaped lute that can imitate a wide variety of musical effects—from flowing water, conversing geese, and trotting horses, to Chinese gongs and drums. All ages welcome.

Hennepin Chime Handbell Choir
2:30 & 4 P.M.
Jade Corridor, second floor

Tune your ears to the magic of ringing bells. Back in the Bronze Age, the Chinese bells now on view in the Cargill Gallery were likely played only in a temple setting, their hauntingly beautiful sounds enjoyed exclusively by the elite. Today, everybody's invited to listen in to these wonderful handbell performances. All ages welcome.
Minnesota Chinese Dance Theater
12, 1:30 & 3:15 P.M.
Pillsbury Auditorium, second floor

Behold the beauty of Chinese dance, so rich in heritage, graceful movement, and colorful variety. Watch the Minnesota Chinese Dance Theater bring to the stage classical Chinese dances performed by children and adults. Performances last about 30 minutes. All ages welcome.

Chinese Dance Theater
Chinese Drummer TREASURE HUNT
11 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Main Lobby, first floor
Take a musical journey of the MIA as you search the galleries far and wide for artwork inspired by music. From paintings to sculptures to musical instruments, you'll see how music has played a starring role in the arts of nearly every world culture. Start your melodic adventure at the Chinese bells on the first floor. After your journey, stop back to pick up your prize!

12-4 P.M.
Gallery 218, second floor

Discover the arts of China through hands-on exploration of ancient ceramics, silk, lacquer, and other art objects. Also on display is a miniature set of Chinese enamel bells. Stop by to strike the bells with a mallet, and learn how to write a Chinese character. All ages welcome.
Image credits:
China, Graduated Set of Twenty Yung-Po Bells, 5th Century B. C., bronze, Lent by Michele and David Dewey

China, Figure of a Squatting Drummer, Eastern Han dynasty, earthenware, Gift of funds from the Regis Foundation

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