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Music and Art

Your Homage: Bob Thompson honored Nina Simone in his painting. Who is your favorite musician? Create an artwork that celebrates him or her. What colors will you use? What setting is right for the musician? Explain your choices in a classroom presentation.  

Communication Codes: A garamut drum is used for communication. With a friend, invent your own way to communicate with a musical instrument. Create rhythms that mean “help,” “how are you?” and “let’s meet after school.” Try out this new way of talking to each other.  

Extending the Story: Orpheus had to live on after he lost his beloved Eurydice. Make up a story about what happened to him after he returned from the Underworld. Share the story with your classmates.  

A Great Discovery: The largest set of Chinese chime bells was found in the tomb of Marquis Yi during an excavation in 1978. Use the Internet and your local library to research the discovery.  

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March 2007