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Getting from Here to There

Design Your Own Cover: The designs and symbols on the cradle cover reflect traditional Dakota culture. Draw a cradle cover and decorate it with patterns and symbols that reflect your own community.  

Beloved Bridges: The Uji Bridge is one of the most beloved bridges in Japan. What bridges are treasured in the United States, and other countries? What makes them special? Why are bridges so important? What different features can a bridge have? Research bridges using the Internet and your local library. Then design your ideal bridge.  

The Silk Road Diary: Imagine that you are a trader on the Silk Road. What would your journey be like? What people, places, and things might you encounter on the route? Are your travels dangerous? How do you brave the elements in the mountains and the desert? Write a diary entry from the perspective of a trader.  

Flying High: Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic sparked interest in aerodynamic design. Research Lindbergh’s flight and his airplane The Spirit of St. Louis. How did Lindbergh prepare for his flight? What were some features of the plane’s design? How did the flight influence how planes, trains, and cars were designed?  

Compare and Contrast: Pick two modes of transportation. How are they alike? How are they different? Are there benefits to one, but not the other (speed, ease, safety, pollution)? Which do you prefer? Write an essay comparing the two forms of transportation.  

On the Web: Use ArtsConnectEd to view a collection of objects related to the theme "Getting from Here to There." Once in the collection, move the objects around, organizing them into different categories, such as “by land,” “by water,” or “by air.” Click here to access the collection.  

At the Museum: Go on a “Getting from Here to There” treasure hunt at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Walk through the galleries and see how many different modes of transportation you can identify.  

October 2006