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Insects in Art

Go Buggy at the MIA: Insects can be found in many works of art at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Explore the museum and see how many bugs you can find.  

Symbolizing the Season: A haiku is a Japanese poem of only three lines. Each line has a set number of syllables: five for the first line, seven for the second, and five for the third. Most haiku are about nature. Often the dragonfly is mentioned, as a symbol of summer. What insect reminds you of summer? Or of another season? Write a haiku and make sure to include that insect.  

Out in the Field: Maria Sibylla Merian studied insects in their natural surroundings. Head out to the playground, your backyard, or a local park to see what insects you can find. Then spend some time observing and sketching them.  

Become an Entomologist: An entomologist is someone who studies insects. Choose your favorite insect to research. Use your school’s library, the Internet, and other resources to find information on the insect—where it lives, its life cycle, what it eats, how big it gets, and so on. Then write an essay, illustrated with a few drawings, to share with your classmates.  

March 2006