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American Period Rooms

Your Favorite Room: If you could have one of these rooms in your own home, which would you pick? What do you like about the room? Write a paragraph explaining your selection.  

Comfortable Living: The climate of a region affects the design of a house. For example, in the Charleston Drawing Room, the very large windows allow cool breezes to enter the room on hot summer days. Look around your house and make a list of architectural features that reflect your region’s climate.  

Rooms Reveal: Imagine that one of the rooms in your house will be made into a period room in a museum. Which room would you choose? Why? What does the layout of the room and the objects in it tell us about you and your family? What does it reveal about the environment you live in? Sketch the room and then write some labels to identify important features.  

A Good Fit: Use the Art Collector tool to view more furniture in the museum's collection. Look at each furniture item closely, examining its style and design. Pick your favorite item and based on the style, determine which period room it would fit well in. Draw a sketch of the period room, adding the new furniture item. Click here to start. (Click here to learn more about Art Collector.)  

At the Museum:: The Period Rooms are always on view at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Visit the museum to see the real thing! The rooms are even decorated for the holidays between late November and January every year.  

February 2005