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With All Due Respect

In Remembrance: Both Portrait of a Boy and the Chinese ancestral portraits were created to honor family members who had died. Today, how do we show remembrance for our loved ones who have passed away? Look around your home. Can you find any objects that you keep to remind you of your ancestors?  

Respectable Wear: The Northern Plains shirt was given to a Native American man to symbolize honor and respect. What clothing do people wear in our community to command respect? What symbols are present on the clothing as signs of honor and respect? Design a shirt that you would wear as a symbol of respect. What materials would you use to make it? What signs or symbols would be present on it? Draw a sketch of the shirt.  

Respectable Skills: The young girl who created the embroidered box was greatly respected for her talent. Who do you respect for his or her talents? Write a short essay about the person you respect. What special talents and skills does that person possess?  

Acts of Generosity: The Bassa spoon honors the most generous woman in the community. With your classmates, brainstorm acts of generousity that you could perform to help your community. Try to perform one act of generousity by the end of the school year. Just as the spoon was given to the woman who was most generous with her food, create a classroom object that will represent your generous act.  

Collection Building: You can start your own "With All Due Respect" collection using the Art Collector tool at (Art Collector is free but you'll need to log in.) Look through the starter collection to view objects you may want to include in your collection. Click here to begin or here to learn more about Art Collector.  

Educators' Evening
October 2003