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The Lasting Impression of French Impressionism

Needle in a Haystack: Use this link here to carefully examine some of the grainstacks Monet painted during 1890 and 1891. Zoom in to see the artist's brushstrokes and use of color and shadow. Pick any two images and write a paragraph describing at least three ways they are different from each other.  

En Plein Air: Go outside to paint! Try to capture the color and light of the day on your canvas or paper. What made your outdoor art-making experience most enjoyable? What were the greatest challenges you experienced?  

Up Close and Personal: Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and get up close (but stay at least one foot away) to the paintings of the French Impressionists and their followers. Notice the brushwork, the colors, the use of shadow and light. Look for impressionistic techniques throughout the museum. Then, keeping in mind that despite rejection by the Paris Salon, the art of the French Impressionists became extremely popular, look through the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP) Galleries, 264 and 265. Which of these contemporary artworks do you think will be the next big thing?  

Your Own Impressionist Exhibition: You are a gallery owner. Select your own works of art to exhibit, using ArtsConnectEd.  

Family Album: Berthe Morisot created a family album of paintings, recording the daily activities she observed in her household. Observe your family and write a diary of daily activities in your household for a week. Focus on specific small events, like eating breakfast, walking to the bus stop, or playing a game.  

Color and Light Mix: Use Artist's Toolkit to learn more about the elements of art, specifically color. Then learn more about the colors of light, and the colors of paint. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about the colors of light and how to mix them: Light Video This YouTube video shows how to mix watercolor pigments: Color Video.  

Lights, Cameras: Learn more about how the French Impressionists developed their compositions. Use a camera to take candid pictures from odd angles, from above, below, or the side. Use a computer program to crop photos in different ways. Or, clip photos from magazines, and then crop them in different ways.