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Minnesota Artists

Inspiration All Around Us: Think about how the place where you live influences you. What can you do, see, or experience because of where you live? How might this be different if you lived somewhere else in the world? List things that are unique about your neighborhood, town, state, or country. Create an artwork inspired by your list.  

More from Minnesota: Use the Art Collector feature of ArtsConnectEd to see works of art by more Minnesota artists. Then search for artists highlighted in this lesson and add them to your collection. Click here to access the collection. Click here to learn more about Art Collector.  

Prairie School Tour: Take a virtual tour of the Purcell-Cutts House to see its rooms and view historical photographs. Then tour other Prairie School buildings around the state of Minnesota. Visit the Unified Vision: The Architecture and Design of the Prairie School online resource.  

Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program: Do you want to see more artwork by Minnesota artists? Check out the Minnesota Artists Exhibiton Program (MAEP) Web site. The MAEP is a unique organization that is run by and for Minnesota artists in collaboration with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Come to the museum to see MAEP current exhibitions in Galleries 264 and 265.  

March 2009