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Everyday Art

Family Album: Create your own family portrait. Use pencil, chalk, paint, or even a camera to make a picture of a family member at home. What jobs, chores, hobbies, or pastimes do they perform daily? Try to capture them in an everyday activity.  

A Tasty Treat: Learn more about the history of chocolate and the Mayans’ role in its use. Check out the Field Museum online exhibition Chocolate to discover this ancient treat’s past.  

A Colorful Life: Research the symbolism of colors in cultures around the world. Are particular colors worn on special occasions such as holidays or life celebrations such as marriage? Why is color important to people? What colors do people in your family wear on special occasions? What do those colors mean to you?  

Show and Tell: Make a virtual visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum to view a 1928 promotional video Die Frankfurter Küche for the Frankfurt Kitchen. It demonstrates the efficient design of this modern work space. You can view an English version at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts next to the Frankfurt Kitchen.  

Common Keepsakes: Think about objects in your home that you and your family use every day. What items help you perform specific daily activities? Do you have things that an older family member once used every day but that you now consider special and precious? Which items that you use today will be special and curious to people in the future?  

September 2008