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It's About Time

Animal Attributes: Use the Internet to find your Chinese zodiac sign. What animal presides over the year of your birth? What are the characteristics of that animal? Why do you think those personality traits were assigned to that animal? Do you think those characteristics relate to you?  

The Time of My Life: Think about your favorite time of year—season, month, day of the week, or time of day. What makes it your favorite? What kinds of activities go on at this time? Draw a picture illustrating your favorite time and have classmates guess what it is.  

Making Time: Why does a week have seven days? What part did astronomy play in the creation of the calendar we know today? Learn about the history of the calendar and examine calendars from around the world at the WebExhibits online unit Calendars Through the Ages.  

Stop and Go: Take a look at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts online resource Animal Locomotion to see Eadweard Muybridge’s photographs in motion.  

What Time Is It?: Use the Web site
to find out what time it is around the world. Take a look at time zones, find out when the sun or moon will rise and set, and see where it is daytime or nighttime right now!  

Seasonal Symbols: Symbols are designs or images used to create deeper meaning. Think about the year, month, day, or time you were born. What was happening in your town, state, country, or the world? What was the weather like? Draw a picture using symbols to tell a visual story of your birthday.  

Pick Up a Book: Spend a little of your time with a book about time. All titles are owned by the Hennepin County Public Library.

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December 2007